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Unisex Five-finger Wading Shoes

Unisex Five-finger Wading Shoes

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1. The upper is made of four-way elastic material, which is soft and fits the feet, comfortable, breathable, and not stuffy, as soft and comfortable as socks, skin-friendly wrapping, quick-drying

2. The body of the shoe is light and soft as a whole, and can be twisted at will. The elastic shoe mouth is designed to fit the heel comfortably and change with the foot shape, making it skin-friendly and comfortable.

3. The insole is made of EVA small foam material, which is soft and sweat-absorbing, eliminates the sultry heat in the shoes, prevents the odor in the shoes, and keeps the feet clean and comfortable at all times.

4. The bottom drainage hole design strengthens the drainage system, which can quickly remove excess water in the shoes and prevent stuffy feet and slippery feet.

5. The closure method adopts a magic buckle, which is firmly pasted and durable. It is more convenient and quick to put on and take off, and the elasticity can be adjusted freely.

6. The sole is made of rubber material, which is durable and wear-resistant. The anti-slip pattern on the bottom enhances the grip and easily adapts to various terrains.



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